1.What does the check engine light mean?

Typically the check engine light is designed to alert you that your vehicle is experiencing trouble with the emissions system. Two possible scenarios can happen: if the check engine light is on and not blinking, you need to bring your vehicle into a mechanic as soon as possible, to have the vehicle checked over by a factory-trained technician. When the check engine light is blinking, you need to pull your vehicle over immediately and have your vehicle towed to the nearest repair shop. A loose gas cover is a common cause of check engine lighting. Therefore, be sure to check your gas cap each time you fill your vehicle to ensure that it must be properly tightened.

2.How often should I rotate my tires?

Your current tires should be spun every other oil change, or every 5,000 miles. Neglecting to rotate auto tires is a major cause of premature tire wear.

3.What do you do when your car is overheating?

Tend not to remove the radiator cover till the engine is completely cooled. Contents are under pressure, and there is a tremendously high risk of scalding if you ease or take away the radiator cover while the engine is overheating.
A. When there is steam coming from the engine bay: close off the vehicle, exit the car, and move away from the vehicle. If there is no steam coming from the engine compartment: allow the engine run at idling speed. Open the hood to help ventilate. Make sure the coolant fan is working. If the fan is not spinning, turn off the engine.
B.Following the coolant temperature alert light has turned off, switch off the engine.
C. After the engine is completely cooled, check the coolant reserve tank. If you have less than the LOW mark, add coolant until you be able to FULL.
D. If there is coolant in the hold tank, fill the tank, then open the radiator cap and fill up the radiator with coolant.
E. Make sure the vehicle is safely working or operational when you turn the engine back on by paying attention to the coolant indicator light.
F. Schedule a service as soon as possible.

4.What is the cabin air filter?

Typically the filter is responsible for blocking air that enters the cabin of the vehicle. For the sake of our guests, we suggest that the cabin air filter is replaced between 12,000-  15,000 miles. Note: In the event you or someone who moves in your vehicle is afflicted with from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions, you may need to replace the cabin air filter more often to help keep the cabin air as clean as possible.

5.How often should I get my car serviced?

Every single car is different and you should check with your owner’s manual to resolve this. That said, most vehicles require a tune-up roughly once every 60,000 miles.


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